I don’t fit into most boxes. I am a computer engineer currently running a profitable IT consultancy and development company called Intelliar. As a founder, my main vision is to make IT-related services more feasible for the common people of India. To achieve this ambitious goal the strategy I acquired is to connect with budding woman entrepreneurs and help them own a digital platform. I believe if you want to make a service/product a household name then target the connecting link of a house and that is the women of the house.

Sreeya Singh Roy Choudhury is a B.E. Computer Science from Nagpur University, Maharastra, India. Also is a passionate cook and Certified classical singer. She started her career in a conventional manner working for the corporate world and after 6 years of work experience in the IT industry, she decided to work for her dream project i.e. making IT services cost effective and accessible to all small and budding businesses of India. Now she is the founder of Intelliar Tech Labs Pvt Ltd, an IT consultancy and software development company. She is operating from Bangalore, India. She is best known for her client satisfaction service. 

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